Release list


  • JPR031
    Bad Ponx split 7" - Ponx Attax + The Bad Engrish
    Another split release with The Bad Engrish and Ponx Attax. Two tracks from each band to support their Fall 2013 tour. Limited to 500 copies. 300 tour copies on yellow splatter and 200 mailorder pink splatter copies.

  • JPR030
    Punk Forever, Forever Punk - Vol 1 for "Fuck You We Rule OK" Festival
    Like the title of the compiliation series says....punk forever! forever punk! This first entry in the series has tons of amazing bands from the USA that will be playing at the "Fuck You We Rule OK" festival July 2013. The compilation series aims to have bands get their names out there in the scene. 1000 copies of the CD made pressed.


  • JPR029
    The Erections - Stand Up Fuckin' Punks
    Japanese Pogo is back!!! I would say my favorite release to date so make sure you've got a copy . Vinyl limited to 500 copies. 100 splatter / 150 haze / 250 black.
  • Erections Oi!!!!



  • JPR027 / JPR028
    Omixlh - Legion of Freaks
    Street punk is back with the boys from Greece leading the charge. Hardcore streetpunk that will make you forget its 2012, brilliant stuff. CD limited to 1000 copies and LP limited to 500 copies. 50 yellow / 200 splatter / 250 black.
    Omixlh - Legion of Freaks

  • JPR025 / JPR026
    Crispy Nuts - Bleh
    Punk Rock from Japan with female vocals. Having been around for years, The Crispy Nuts re-record their greatest hits for new ears in the USA and Europe. 200 on transparent red vinyl and 100 on white.
    Crispy Nuts - Bleh

  • JPR024
    The Bad Engrish : A Breed Apart Picture Disc
    Denver CO's streetpunks are back with 10 pogo in yer face tracks! Limited to 500 copies.
    Bad Engrish - A Breed Apart

  • JPR023

  • JPR022
    Bad Co. Project : Otoko No Punk Flexi
    The Band contributed a track to a Cobra tribute album on CD. Of course a vinyl version would be better so Otoko No Punk gets a flexi disc strictly limited to only 500 copies.

    Bad Co Flexi

  • JPR020 / JPR 021
    Bad Co. Project : Mission Mohawk LP / CD
    From the ashes of Oxymoron...Bad Co. Project returns! Following their debut album from a few years back the pack is back with 13 all new punk rock tracks. Lead by Sucker of Oxymoron on vocals, and other members of the crew hailing from bands like Mad Sin, Pokes, Front Kick, and The Tower Blocks, this is the punk rock album we've been waiting for years. With all the other pop pap crap of years gone by this one is for all the true punk rockers out there. The pressing is limited to only 250 copies of the US distribution and each comes with the limited Otoko No Punk flexi disc.

    Bad Co Project - Mission Mohawk

  • JPR019

  • JPR018
    Al and the Black Cats: Through Think 'N Thin CD
    The Black cats return to the front with a new album and their staple rockabilly sound fused with punk and oi! This album see a slight change up and sound that makes them better than ever.
    Black Cats - Through Think N Think
  • JPR017
    Bad Engrish / Ponx Attax : Split CD
    A no coast pogo punk attack! The Bad Engrish (Colorado) and Ponx Attax (Minnesota) team up together to deliver 18 tracks of pure punk rock in their debut recording. Get ready to pogo!

    Bad Engrish | Ponx Attax
  • JPR016
    Cobra: Back! CD
    Cobra covers some of their greatest hits with their new lineup in support of their new album "Hello! This is Cobra". There's 18 hard hitting tracks from over all the years and sounding even better than ever! The CD design and layout was done by Sucker and has a 12 page high gloss booklet. Back!

  • JPR015
    Cobra: Hello! This is Cobra CD
    The Japanese Oi legends return with 11 new tracks! It may have taken some time but Cobra is finally seeing a proper release after all these years in the USA. The CD design and layout was done by Sucker and has an 8 page uncoated-matte booklet.

      Hello! This is Cobra

  • JPR014
    Salvation City Rockers: S/T Double 12"
    Fantastic double LP debut album from these Punk Rockers from Paris France. The album features a 16 tracks of street punk and reggae tracks and features *Alteau* on vocals. The pressing is strictly limited to 1000 copies and comes with a large 12x24" poster in addition to an extra lyric sheet. Each copy is individually numbered and there are 3 different configurations. 400 copies on 1/2 and 1/2 wax , 300 copies on splatter wax, and 300 copies on A/B-side wax.

    • *SCR*

  • JPR013
    Paris Violence : Temps De Crise Double 12"
    These Oi! legends from Paris France have their first album get the vinyl treatment! The entire first album with additional unreleased tracks are included on this double LP set in a triple gatefold jacket. The pressing is strictly limited to 500 copies, each individually numbered. There will be 3 different limited vinyl configs as follows:
    150 copies with vinyl 1: yellow and black a-side/b-side and orange splatter vinyl 2: green and black a-side/b-size and yellow splatter with limited numbered A4 inserts.
    300 copies with vinyl 1: transparent red vinyl with black, white, and yellow splatter vinyl 2: transparent blue vinyl with white and yellow splatter.
    50 copies on black vinyl with limited black and white additional sleeves.

      Paris Violence

  • JPR012
    The Chernobyl Babies: Punx Rules 7"
    Back with their second 7", The Chernobyl Babies give us four new pogo anthems. Fast, loud, and fun this single proves that punx rules! If you're a fan of japanese pogo punk bands like The Discocks/Tom and the Boot Boys/00 Squad then you need to get this record. The pressing is strictly limited to 500 copies, each individually numbered. There are 250 copies hot pink vinyl with purple splatter and 250 copies on half transparent pale blue and half transparent light gold.

      C Babies
  • JPR011
    Tower Blocks: The Good, The Bad, And The Punks Picture Disc
    The Tower Blocks are back in their 4th full length which offers up their best material so far! 14 tracks on the album with a great presentation. The 12" is a picture disc along with complete color insert both inside a jacket with a 10" circle cut out in front so the disc is visible. The inside of the jacket is printed as well so even if you take out the vinyl, you still get to see the great artwork!!! Amazing art by Sucker once again. Limited to 1000 copies each individually numbered.


  • JPR010
    Funeral Dress: Global Warning 12"
    For over 25 years this Belgian punk rock outfit had put out more than a dozen records with Dirk at the helm. Well back again with their best material to date we have Funeral Dress showing things are only getting better as time goes on. The LP features 13 tracks with layout by Sucker and a back jacket cover by Markus Vespur.
    Each copy is individually numbered and the pressing is limited to 1000 copies with 600 on black wax. There are 150 copies on a-side/b-side transparent yellow with transparent orange along with solid red splatter and 250 copies with half black and half yellow.

    • FD

  • JPR009
    Punk and Disorderly 2009: Double 7" with Longshot Music
    Hoooho! Well here we go with the first collaboration. Joe Pogo Records teams up with Longshot Music for a double 7" release for Punk and Disorderly 2009. Each label brings 4 new or unreleased tracks to vinyl. Our contributions: Bad Co. Project, Tower Blocks, Analogs, and Klasse Kriminale. Limited pressing of 1000 copies of which only 500 copies will be given away at the festival so be sure to get one quick! For those that can't make it, each label recieved about 125 copies for sale so you're not completely out of luck. 500 on half black and half white wax, 500 on black wax which neon green splatter...only a few on black wax.

    Punk and Disorderly 09

  • JPR008
    Chernobyl Babies: They Lost, We Oi! 7"
    Total pogo chaos! Awesome debut 7" that will have you pogo'ing all around the room in no time. If you're a fan of Japanese pogo punk or just need something to sing along to, this record is perfect. Limited to 500 copies: 300 on black wax and 200 on transparent orange wax with purple splatter. Each one is individually numbered.

    Chernobyl Babies

  • JPR007
    The Gonads: Live Free, Die Free Double 12"
    Joe Pogo's first double LP combines some great tunes of the Gonads with some great art by Sucker. This one is really over the top! A beautiful gatefold release featuring 2 additional tracks not found on the CD. The first vinyl is on transparent dark green wax, and the second vinyl....well for this one there's three color configs! Config 1 is limited to 200 copies on a/b side with army green and teal blue wax. Config 2 is limited to 250 copies of off white wax with oxblood splatter. Finally, config 3 is limited to 250 copies and is half transparent turquoise blue and half off white. Each copy is individually numbered as well and has two printed inner sleeves (one for each vinyl).

    Live Free Die Free
  • JPR006
    Klasse Kriminale: Riot! Are you Ready? 12"
    KK is back with a greatest hits album featuring 17 re-recorded Oi! classics stronger and louder than the originals including the new track "Anti Police Hooligan". Originally only released on CD in Japan this release is finally getting the vinyl treatment. Each copy is individually numbered and includes KK ARMY No 5 as part of the extra large gatefold insert. Limited to 600 copies on black wax, 150 copies on black red wax, 250 copies on red wax with white and green splatter.

    KK Riot! 12"

  • JPR005
    Bad Co. Project: Suckers Stories CD
    Suckers side project after Oxymoron threw in the hat featuring top class members from other bands in Germany. Fantastic CD finally seeing the light in the USA, so get off your ass and pick one of the greatest albums from the past few years!!! All the tracks are remastered this time around and sound ever better than the original mixes.


  • JPR004
    Evacuate: S/T 12"
    The newest offering by Mike Virus's new band gets the vinyl treatment. The vinyl is in a gatefold jacket with two customs pieces of art by Markus Vespur! Limited to 700 copies on black wax, 200 on blue/black A-side/B-side wax, and 100 on red/black A-side/B-side wax each individually numbered!

  • Evacuate 12"


  • JPR003
    Omixlh : Friends Forever, Punx for Life 12"
    Streetpunk from Greece!! Great band keeping the Greek scene kicking for years. This 10 track LP features entirely new artwork and designs (by Sucker) than the released CD + a digital download card to download the mp3's for free. 100 on blue-black a/b wax, and 400 on black wax. Each individually numbered along with full color insert.

  • Omixlh 12"


    • JPR002
      Tower Blocks / The Analogs : Split 7" Picture Disc
      Two tracks from The Tower Blocks (Germany) as well as another two tracks from The Analogs (Poland). 700 picture discs with art by Sucker, each individually numbered with insert.

    • JPR002


    • JPR001 *NOT OUT YET*
      Klasse Kriminale : Skinhead Anthems 7"
      3 tracks from the Italian legends, what could be better?!??! How about a reunion between KK and the french artist *Alteau*
      That's right! Artwork by *Alteau* to top this one off. 800 on black wax, 200 on colored wax. Some things are still stuck with this one so be patient as it is still in the works and will be done someday.