Shops with Joe Pogo Releases:

Dirty Punk

Dirty Punk Records:
Located in France and serving the whole world. My mate Christophe will set you up! If you're from the USA drop by his site and check out the releases.


Big online seller in the USA.

Angry Young and Poor

Angry,Young and Poor:
Cool shop out of PA carrying some nice vinyl amoung tons of other stuff




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Record Labels:

Dirty Punk

Dirty Punk Records:
Christophe is running a fantastic label from France!

Havin' A Laugh

Havin' A Laugh Records:
Label from Italy ran by Marco of Klasse Kriminale.

Longshot Music

Longshot Music:
From Canada to NYC to California, Mike's been puttin' out vinyl everywhere he goes.




Artwork & Other Stuff :

S.S. Graphics

S.S. Graphics:
The art you see scattered throughout the website (and on many records as well...) is done by none other than Sucker (OXYMORON, BAD CO. Project).
As you can see he does great work, so check out his site.